From Powerful Talents To Proven Profits Free PDF Guide

From Powerful Talents To Proven Profits Free PDF Guide

From Powerful Talents To Proven Profits Free PDF GuideFrom Powerful Talents To Proven Profits Free PDF GuideFrom Powerful Talents To Proven Profits Free PDF Guide

4 Items that Sell well on Etsy Marketplace

Change your Perspective, Change your Life

When Working with a Coach

How a Creative Business Coach can Help

A creative coach can help you with the freedom to explore your creative ideas. Put in place a list of things that you are creative at, and gain confidence in your talents. The coach can be your accountability buddy and help you to see the best in you. They can help you to see things from a different perspective, that you can not see now. Coaches can support you emotionally and and boost your momentum in moving forward with your goals. Having someone who you can bounce ideas off of to get your ideas into motion. They can help you discover your true purpose in life and who you have a passion to serve. 


Coaching Services

When working with me I will help guide you to bring your creativity to online marketplace. When your looking to add more productivity into your creative process, attract more clients, sell online, or build a solid business structure. We work through old false beliefs that may be holding you back to gain the confidence you need to move forward. Gain clarity in your product and know just how to list your items. These fundamentals of starting to sell online along with my coaching services, will set you up for great success. I encourage all women to earn their own income.

Start a Etsy Shop

Gain Confidence in listing your Products

Market your Creative Products

Bring your Creativity to Life

Sell on online Marketplace

Work from Home

Build your Business audience Online

Sell your Products Globally

Be the expert in your craft

Business Building Block Starter Program II

 My Business Building Block Starter Program will help you open a shop on the Etsy Marketplace. I give one on one guidance to open a shop, build confidence, attract clients, create a product, craft a logo design, research your idea, social media marketing, product production, online visibility, and build the shop of your dreams. You get one on one weekly calls, email support and Zoom group calls. 

Business Building Block Premium Program I

My Business Building Block Premium Program helps you start a creative business online. Sell on multiple marketplaces to up level your online visibility globally. You become the expert in your craft and want to take full advantage of being in business for yourself.  Together we work on building your confidence as a business owner. Focus on your ideas and your vision. Build a business foundation, a wardrobe you love, fine tune your workshop, market your business and craft a logo, create a product to sell, improve your etiquette skills, time saving production ideas, online visibility, online promoting and more. You are guided with email support, one on one weekly zoom calls and the option to join a Facebook group page. 

My Experience

Karen S. Itin : Author / Coach

Welcome everyone to my website. I have been sewing most of my life and have always enjoyed working with a needle and thread.  My favorite sewing task is hand sewing and hand embroidery.  My memories as a kid was buying new things to embroider, and the highlight of my weekends.  I can remember many weekends visiting my oldest sister Phyllis and her taking me into Three Oaks Michigan downtown drugstore to purchase new table runners and pillowcases to embroider. Picking out the colors and creating the look I wanted was so fun.  My mother also taught me some hand sewing stitches that encouraged me to love sewing. 

My machine sewing experience started when I took every sewing class and advanced sewing class that was offered at my school.  I landed my first factory job sewing at age 18. Sewing not only was a hobby but a career in the making. I worked at a couple of factory's sewing garments in production style sewing.  One was Eastmore Factory where I sewed women's sleepwear.  The other was Jaymar Ruby Group where I sewed the pockets and waistbands of the Sansabelt slack.  Then I went on to move to Nebraska where I worked in a tailor shop sewing on men's suits and bridal wear for almost 7 years.  Then I moved back to Indiana where I owned my own alteration shop for 25 years.  Sewing for the public on a daily basis. After I retired from alterations I took some time off to write a book about  The Art of Tailoring. Which is published and in all the major book stores and all over the world.  Now I am led to help other creative and talented women to open their own businesses they have always dreamed of.  I look forward to learning about what products you love to make and want to start a business around.  My business programs are designed to help you start a creative business all your own. I look forward to guiding you so you feel confident and empowered to be a business owner.  Start today with my program that walks you through the step by step process. You will have a road map to follow with weekly assignments to keep you on track and moving forward. I am excited to build a circle of women who are like minded and want to get serious about building a business. 

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Karen S. Itin ~ Business Coach

My Blog

   How exciting for you to finally get to this point in life where you are ready to be passionate about your dream business. This blog is meant to inspire you and to help you to start creating beautiful things to sell and to start a business around. 

Ideas to Inspire

How to Thread your Machine


How to thread a machine can be mastered with a little patience. But once you learn you will be able to make some amazing things.

How to Read a Pattern


Picking out a pattern is fun and exciting. If its for your home or for yourself  you will need to have some idea of what you want to make. Learning the ways to read a pattern is important. 

How to Prepare your Fabric


Depending on the type of fabric you pick out to work with as to how it can be prepared to sew. Most cotton fabrics should be pre -washed before cutting out.

How to Lay out A Pattern


Laying out a pattern the right way depends on the type of fabric your using and the suggestions of the pattern.

How to Mark A Pattern


Most patterns have certain markings that show where things line up on the fabric.For instance where the sleeves and pockets and buttons go.A very important step.

How to Cut your Pattern


Cutting out your pattern is very exciting and you want to make sure you have it pinned the correct way. Take time in this step to make sure everything is correct and you have added and marked well.

More To Come

Machine Sewing


Machine sewing is a fun and a unique hobby to have. It can help you to learn to make clothes for your children or yourself. Mastering machine sewing can give you the tools you need to sew and sell your products online, and to start a business around.



Tailoring is for the more experiences seamstress. It can provide you with the knowledge to bring in an income sewing for others, and a low cost business to start.

Hand Stitches


Sewing by hand is truly one of my favorite ways to sew. I have been embroidering sense I was a kid. I just love all the ways you can guide your needle to make the prettiest stitches and make products to sell and to start a business with.

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Embroidery Class #1


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In this video you will learn six different stitches. It will guide you with expert steps and fine quality embroidery. Many of these stitches are useful if you are wanting to learn hands on embroidery. Stitches include the fern stitch, chain, back stitch, french knots, satin stitch, and blanket stitch. These stitches will give you something special to add to your sewing projects.